Only API keys on our Conversations PRR platform are eligible to use this API version. Refer to the Platforms section of our Platform & API Concepts documentation to learn which platform your API keys are on.

The Conversations API lets you programmatically retrieve and submit Bazaarvoice Conversations data for use in your applications. To learn more, go to the Conversations API documentation home page.


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Authenticate an author using their email address.


Hosted email authentication can be used during submission to confirm the identity of a content submitter. When submitting content for the first time, a user receives an email containing a link. After clicking the link, the user is directed to a landing page that calls back to the API to confirm their identity. This call results in obtaining an encrypted user token that can be used in subsequent submission calls. Depending on the client's configuration, the content might not be accepted until the confirmation call is submitted.


Submitting a call to authenticate a user


Submission to autenticate a user must take the form of an HTTP POST.


Name Description

Response format (xml or json)

Required This field is required in all API requests.


The API version, e.g. 5.4.

Required This field is required in all API requests.


Value of the authentication token that was received in a user's authentication email. See the hostedauthentication_callbackurl parameter for more information.

Required This field is required in all API requests.


API key is required to authenticate API user and check permission to access particular client's data.

Required This field is required in all API requests.

Response format

The following is an example of a response after submitting the form by HTTP POST:


Response elements

Name Description
Section containing authentication data
Section containing all the data matched by a query grouped by content/subject type. Within each data section there is a map of objects keyed by ids
Error section is populated instead of other fields if there is an error with a query syntax or problem executing a query.
Section containing an array of field and group references
Boolean indicating if the response had errors or not

Error codes

Value Description
ERROR_BAD_REQUEST Authentication token is invalid, missing or the user has already been authenticated