Data services

Conversations API

Developers can use the Bazaarvoice Conversations API to retrieve and submit consumer-generated content as well as retrieve product catalog and statistics information.

Curations API

The Bazaarvoice Curations API provides access to consumer-generated content collected from various social channels (e.g., Instagram, Twitter).

Displayable Content Export

The Bazaarvoice Displayable Content Export (DCE) provides an HTTP interface for bulk requesting Bazaarvoice Conversations data intended for public display.

Notifications Subscriptions API

The Bazaarvoice Notifications Subscription API enables clients to manage end-user subscriptions to email notifications triggered by the our platform.

Privacy API

The Bazaarvoice Privacy API provides a secure HTTP interface for integrating Bazaarvoice into your General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance workflow.

Product Sentiment Insights API

The Bazaarvoice Product Sentiment Insights API provides access to data sets that help you understand what shoppers are saying about your brand and products. Use these data sets to power consumer-facing displays, such as review highlights, or to create your own internal analytics applications.

Response API

The Bazaarvoice Response API provides you programmatically create, read, update and delete review responses.


Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS

The Bazaarvoice Mobile SDKs provide access to many of our products, including Conversations, Curations, and Product Recommendations.

Personalization Data SDK

The Bazaarvoice Personalization Data SDK uses historical analytics from the our network of shopper data to offer product and category recommendations.