The Conversations API lets you programmatically retrieve and submit Bazaarvoice Conversations data for use in your applications. To learn more, go to the Conversations API documentation home page.


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This section contains documentation specific to requesting and managing API keys.


API keys are unique alphanumeric values used to identify an application making API requests. API keys allow us to provide API usage metrics and allow our clients to control access to their data at any time.

In the example below, kuy3zj9pr3n7i0wxajrzj04xo is an API key.

To use the Conversations API a developer must request an API key, which will be issued in a pending state until the key has been approved. This process is summarized below:

  1. Developer requests keys through the Developer Tools available on the Bazaarvoice Portal
  2. Client key administrator enables or disables keys using the Developer Tools available on the Bazaarvoice Portal

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