The Conversations API lets you programmatically retrieve and submit Bazaarvoice Conversations data for use in your applications. To learn more, go to the Conversations API documentation home page.


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The list below is a collection of tools the Development Team at Bazaarvoice has created to assist users working with the Conversations API. These tools are maintained by Bazaarvoice.

Conversations API Differ

This web-based diff tool will help you visualize the differences between your applications API requests before and after upgrading.

API Analytics Starter Kit

These tools provide a working example of how API analytics should be implemented. Both a GitHub repository and hosted web pages to be used with the Analytics Inspector extension are provided.

How to determine your platform

As part of understanding the features available to your client implementation, you need to first discover the Bazaarvoice Platform you are on. For each Conversations API key, this tool returns the associated platform.

API Inspector

This is a browser based application that shows useful information about display and submit options for any API Key