Related Questions is only available to clients on our Conversations PRR platform.
Refer to Conversations PRR Only Features for more information.

The Conversations API lets you programmatically retrieve and submit Bazaarvoice Conversations data for use in your applications. To learn more, go to the Conversations API documentation home page.


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Returns Related Questions.


When a user submits a review, or answers a question, we can send them a Thank You Page (TYP). On the TYP, we can also send them a list of related questions in the hopes that they will take the time to answer one or more of those questions.

There are a range of algorithms available for deciding what questions are "related", including a default algorithm. This documentation does not discuss the various available algorithms or their impact. The choice of algorithm cannot be controlled through the API, it must be set in the configuration, which can be done through the configuration hub.

Additional Consideration

  • If the author provided via UserId/User is not found in the database, the API user is not informed and a null value is used. This yields the equivalent result of leaving UserId/User out of the request entirely.


Find related questions for a given product


Find related questions for a given product which includes authors and products


Find related questions for a given question

The same question will not be shown again.


Find next 20 related questions for a given category



Name Description Required Default Value
[FORMAT] Response format (xml or json) Yes
ApiVersion The API version, e.g. 5.4. Yes
PassKey API key is required to authenticate API user and check permission to access particular client's data. Yes
ContentType Value of the type of thank you page serving the related questions. Supported values include "Review" or "Answer" only. Yes
Callback Callback function name used with JSONP. Value is a string consisting of the following characters: a-z,A-Z,0-9,_ (excluding comma). See the JSONP tutorial for more information. No
CategoryId The id of the category for which you want to find related questions. Either ProductId or CategoryId must be provided. No
Include Related subjects to be included (e.g., Products, Categories, and Authors) No Will only return Questions if not specified
Limit Max number of records returned. An error is returned if the value passed exceeds 100. No 10
Locale Locale to display Labels, Configuration, Product Attributes and Category Attributes in. The default value is the locale defined in the display associated with the API key. No
Offset Index at which to return results. By default, indexing begins at 0 when you issue a query. Using Limit=100, Offset=0 returns results 0-99. When changing this to Offset=1, results 1-100 are returned. Offset is limited to 1000. No 0
ProductId The id of the product that this content is being submitted on. One of ProductId or CategoryId must be provided. No
QuestionId Question ID to ignore (e.g., if you are already looking at that question and don't want it to display as a related question) No
RelatedProducts Comma-separated list of related product IDs. No initial existence checking is done on the RelatedProducts parameter. If you pass in a ProductId that doesn't exist, it gets ignored silently. No
User Value of the encrypted user. This parameter demonstrates that a user has been authenticated. See the Client Master Authentication tutorial for more information. No
UserId User's external ID. May not be used if User parameter is present. No

Error codes

Value Description

Insufficient privileges to perform the operation


Invalid API Key value


Invalid JsonP callback function name


Invalid filter attribute name


Invalid parameter value


Invalid limit value


Invalid locale code


Invalid offset value


Invalid parameter in content submission


Invalid sort attribute name


Rate limiting error, i.e. too many requests per time interval


Unknown error (internal server error, for instance)


For unsupported features, clients etc.