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Clients that measure conversion in metrics other than monetary terms should use the following analytics event. This analytics event ignores most of the parameters involved with sales.

Overview non-eCommerce conversion

For non-eCommerce sites, the analytics metric that should be implemented is described here. Known as a non-eCommerce conversion, this analytic event should be performed when an action such as the following takes place:

  • Registering a user
  • Signing up for a subscription (paid or free)
  • Downloading trial software, a whitepaper, or something else. This presumably will predispose people to progress in the sales funnel
  • Requesting more information
  • Using a feature of an application
  • Anything else that can be unambiguously counted by a computer and that you want users to do

The code should be executed after the appropriate conversion event occurs.

Data captured by the conversion event cannot be used in post-interaction email (PIE) messages. To send PIE messages, use the transaction event.

Recommended Values for the type parameter

Bazaarvoice can support any value for the type parameter, but the following list provides recommended values for specified conversion types. If you see a permutation that better matches your needs, use it as the value of the label to make it more specific to your site.

Type Value DescriptionPermutations
StoreLocator Used when locating a store or where to purchase offline DealerLocator, FindStore
WhereToBuy Where to buy products (online or in store)
BuyNow Purchase now BuyOnline, ClickToBuy
Download Download various documents like owners manual, etc.
Compare Product compare
ProductDetail Additional product details
AddToCart Add a product to a cart
ContactUs Contact information like phone number, email, or address
Coupon Coupon or promotional code for a product promo, promotion
Quote Request a quote

trackConversion event

The list below describes what data should be collected in the non-eCommerce conversion event. It is up to the client defining the conversion event to determine when to execute.

Field Priority Sample value
type Required 'StoreLocator'
label Optional 'Where are we located?'
value Optional '78704' - Do not send PII data
  //create the ConversionData object
    var ConversionData = {
    label: 'Where are we located?',
    value: 1,
    type: 'StoreLocator'

Sample non-eCommerce conversion

The example below provides a use case where a non-commerce conversion event might be tracked.

Use with the API Analytics Extension
Interacting with the HTML controls below also invokes the Feature Used event, which the elements document. This can be seen in the Chrome browser with the Bazaarvoice Chrome extension installed.
HTML Control
Type 'emailSignUp'
Label 'Sign Up for Deals'
Value 1
Code Sample
  //create the ConversionData object
  var ConversionData = {
    label: 'Sign Up for Deals',
    value: 1,
    type: 'emailSignUp'
  //on the click event of the button send the ConversionData
  // JQuery is used in this sample
  $( "btn.btn-primary" ).click(function() {