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The following BV Pixel tracking tags are required on pages with consumer-generated content (CGC).

Minimum required analytics - web

Implementing the API analytics solution requires resources and time. Because of this, Bazaarvoice has declared the following BV Pixel tracking tags as the minimum required analytic tags. The Feature Used tracking tags are only relevant when the corresponding HTML elements are present.

Failure to implement BV Pixel may result in a degradation of service through lowered API rate limit.

Pages containing consumer-generated content

The following events are to be implemented on all pages with CGC.

Transactions (eCommerce) and Conversion (non-eCommerce)

  • These events are primarily implemented on the payment confirmation page or the thank you page. Read about the different trackTransaction() events.
  • These events signify a non-eCommerce conversion, such as a store locator. They can occur on the PDP or other parts of your site. The single trackConversionData() is required. Read about the it here.

Minimum required analytics - mobile

At this time, we ask clients to use the mobile SDK when building mobile solutions. Analytic events are captured when using the mobile SDK.

Next steps

Read about the BV Pixel tracking tags that are implemented on Product Display Pages.

Learn about BV Pixel tracking tags used to capture Conversion and/or Transactions events.