The Bazaarvoice Response API lets you programmatically manage review responses.


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The Bazaarvoice Response API provides programmatic access to review responses. Responses are a way that brands can communicate with end-users by providing feedback directly to content in a review. Client review responses might be created for negative reviews, positive reviews or questions left in reviews. Response authors should be brand experts and have the authority to represent the company.

The following image represents a Client Response to a review:

The Bazaarvoice Response API supports the following actions:

The Bazaarvoice Response API follows the JSON API specification. API responses include relationships, data, and links. Author response and Review response endpoints are also exposed to support the JSON API specification.

Common use cases

The Bazaarvoice Response API provides clients the ability to programmatically respond to reviews, rather than having to use the UI provided in the Bazaarvoice Workbench. This allows integrating with existing content management tools. This may include customer relationship management software (i.e. SalesForce) and other 3rd party applications.

Level of effort

Using an API is not the same as using a Bazaarvoice hosted application; You will be building your own application using data services provided by Bazaarvoice. The API returns data in a machine readable format, which you will incorporate into your own application which you must build, host and maintain. As result Bazaarvoice clients must have considerable technical resources and ability at their disposal to use this API.

Technical requirements

Your team should have the following proficiencies:

  • Web application development
  • Client/server interaction based on the HTTPS protocol
  • The ability to process JSON
  • User authentication with OAuth2
  • Data storage and retrieval

Team members

Your team should consist of at least the following:

  • A developer familiar with the technical requirements above

Depending on the scope of your project your team may also need personnel with the following skills:

  • Network engineering and administration
  • Project management and planning
  • Web and graphic design
  • Software testing

Next steps

Continue to the Getting Started guide to learn how to using the Response API.