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This page explains how to use the Bazaarvoice Key Management Dashboard (KMD) to see who has access to your data, enable and disable API keys and see a list of technical contacts.


Our key process allows any developer to request keys, however they will not be able to use those keys until they are enabled. As a result, it is very important that our clients take an active role in managing access to their data through the use of our Key Management Dashboard

Bazaarvoice clients can use our Key Management Dashboard (KMD) to view and manage API keys.

Accessing the KMD

  1. Log into the Bazaarvoice Workbench
  2. Navigate to Settings -> API Key Management
  3. The KMD will appear in a new browser window or tab

Processing key requests

Detailed key information

Clicking on an API key will open a window with detailed information about that key.

Enabling / disabling keys

Keys can be enabled or disabled using the buttons on the right side of the table in the Status column. An email notification will be sent to the developer informing them of your decision.

See a list of technical contacts

The Key Dashboard will send email notifications to technical contacts when new keys are requested. You can see a list of technical contacts using the "Configure Notifications" link in the main menu at the top of the KMD.

Perform the following steps to view a list of technical contacts:

  1. Open the KMD in your web-browser following the instructions above
  2. Access the Notifications page by selecting the "Configure Notifications" link
  3. View the list of technical contacts