The Bazaarvoice Personalization Data SDK provides a programming interface for clients to access the BV Personalization API(s) with minimal required configuration. To learn more, go to the Personalization Data SDK documentation home page.


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This page has basic steps to help you to fix some common issues encountered when using the Bazaarvoice Personalization Data SDK. Many issues can be fixed by following the steps below.

General troubleshooting steps

BV Loader

Begin by performing the following steps:

  1. Determine that BV Loader referenced on the page is correct.
    • After following the BV Loader Set Up, ensure that the file referenced in the script src exists. You can do this by pasting the script URL in a browser.
  2. Make sure the BV Loader file is configured correctly and has the Personalization SDK available.
    • On a page that references the BV Loader script, open the console and type:
    •                 BV.ProductRecommendations
    • If the following object is available, the BV Personalization Data SDK is accessible.

Error-specific troubleshooting tips

This section shows common errors and solutions.


The slot parameter was not found in the HTML DOM. You will see the following error message in the console:


Add the data-bv-slot attribute to a div container on the page.

                  <div data-bv-show="ProductRecommendations"


The domain where the Personalizaton code is attempting to execute is not white listed.


Please open a support ticket and request the domain be added to the whitelist.

Still having trouble? Contact us for assistance.