The Bazaarvoice Personalization Data SDK provides a programming interface for clients to access the BV Personalization API(s) with minimal required configuration. To learn more, go to the Personalization Data SDK documentation home page.


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Bazaarvoice Personalization Data SDK implementations requires the BV loader on all pages where personalization data is used.

BV Loader

The following list describes steps that must be taken before implementing BV Pixel:

Obtain the BV loader file from Bazaarvoice

The Conversations platform you are on determines which of the following methods should be used to obtain the BV Loader file:

Conversations PRR
Contact our Support team to request the BV loader file.
The BV loader file will automatically be created when you deploy an implementation to a deployment zone in Configuration Hub.
  1. After confirming the deployment of your BV loader file, load the Bazaarvoice JavaScript file on your page. We suggest loading the script in the <head> of the web page:
    <script src="{client_name}/{site_id}/{environment}/{locale}/bv.js" async></script>
    The client name provided by Bazaarvoice. This value is case sensitive.
    The deployment zone is set in the Configuration Hub in the Bazaarvoice workbench. The default deployment zone is main_site. Check with your Bazaarvoice representative to ensure the correct name, or log in to the Configuration Hub to verify.
    The deployment environment where you want your implementation. For a production environment, include production in the path. If you are referencing a staging environment, include staging in the path.
    The locale used by the implementation. If you are not using US English (en_US), use the correct locale code.

Next steps

Once you are able to use the BV Loader you will be able to access the Personalization Data SDK. Continue reading about the different solutions offered and how to implement them.