The Bazaarvoice Personalization Data SDK provides a programming interface for clients to access the BV Personalization API(s) with minimal required configuration. To learn more, go to the Personalization Data SDK documentation home page.


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This page details the requirements you must satisfy before using the Bazaarvoice Personalization Data SDK.


To qualify for the Personalized Data SDK, clients must either have implemented Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews or Curations. Clients must also have a minimum health score with regards to BV Pixel implementation and Product Catalog feed. Continue reading to learn about these requirements.

BV Pixel

BV Pixel is used to gather clickstream and transaction data, which drives the Personalization Data SDK. BV Pixel data is mandatory for the Personalization Data SDK to function. The minimum requirement is that 30 days of analytics data be available before the Personalization Data SDK will work and that the client have a tracking health score of 90/100. Read more about BV Pixel.

To inquire on the score of your BV Pixel implementation, please contact us.

Product catalog feed

Not only is it important to have analytics data, it's also crucial to have a catalog of products which the SDK can recommend. A minimum health score of 80/100 is required, which will require the inclusion of product image, product URL, categories, product name, brand name, GTINs, manufacturer product number, and description in the feed. Read more about Product Catalog Feed

To inquire and check on the score of your Product Catalog, please contact support.

Terms of use

To use the Personalization Data SDK, you will need to update your contract terms. A client will need to agree to include their data as part of the dataset behind the Personalization Data SDK and update their privacy policy and consumer disclosure.

Contact contact support or your client success representative make sure your contractis correct.

Next steps

Continue to the Set Up guide to learn how to get the BV loader file.