The Bazaarvoice Notifications Subscriptions API enables you to manage end-user subscriptions to email notifications triggered by the Bazaarvoice platform. To learn more, go to the Notifications Subscriptions API home page.

Use the following table to help you troubleshoot the errors you receive from the API.

HTTP Error Code Troubleshooting
400 Bad Request
(When submitting)
  • Missing or incorrect required parameter
  • Missing header Content-Type: application/json

  • Use of an Accept header that precludes a JSON response.

  • Incorrectly constructed email authentication token
401 Unauthorized
  • Missing, invalid, or Incorrect API key for environment or client
  • Ensure client name in path correct
403 Forbidden API key missing from request or not enabled
404 Not Found
  • Ensure path includes exactly /subscriptions/, all lowercase

  • Ensure email type is correct, all caps
405 Method Not Allowed Incorrect HTTP method. Use GET to request email addresses, and POST to submit
596 Service Not Found

Ensure path includes exactly /notifications/, all lowercase

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