The Bazaarvoice Notifications Subscriptions API enables you to manage end-user subscriptions to email notifications triggered by the Bazaarvoice platform. To learn more, go to the Notifications Subscriptions API home page.


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This page explains how to use the API Key Management application in the Bazaarvoice Portal to view and manage API keys.


Our key process allows any member of a client instance to request keys; however, they will not be able to use those keys until they are enabled. Through the use of the API Key Management app, designated technical administrators on the client side must take an active role in enabling the keys that have been requested for the client instance.

Accessing the API Key Management application

  1. Log on to Portal at

    If you do not have a Portal account, ask the Bazaarvoice account administrator listed in your Portal profile to create an account for you. To learn about Portal, refer to the Bazaarvoice knowledge base.

  2. Click the Portal menu and select Developer Tools under Administration.
To complete the steps in the following sections, the following conditions must be true:
  • Your client instance must have API access. If your client instance does not have API access, contact your Bazaarvoice representative.
  • Your Portal user account must have the Technical Contributor or Technical Administrator role assigned. Refer to the knowledge base for details about these roles. To verify your role assignment, contact the account administrator listed in your Portal profile.
  • Your Portal user account must have the Ratings and Reviews solution assigned. Refer to the knowledge base for details about assigning solutions. To verify your role assignment, contact the account administrator listed in your Portal profile.

Learning about API key management permissions

Depending on your role in the Bazaarvoice Portal, your ability to view, edit, approve, or request keys will differ. Refer to the Bazaarvoice knowledge base to learn about the API key management actions each role can perform in the Bazaarvoice Portal.

Viewing keys

You can only view the keys that you have access to. Many users are technical contributors, which means you can only view keys that you requested. If you are a technical administrator, you can view all the keys for your client instance. If your key is in a Pending state, it means that a technical administrator must approve your key.
  1. Use the filters to narrow down the list of keys based on API type, project name, status, etc.
  2. Use the search bar if you know the exact API key value to search for. You can use asterisks as wildcards. For example, searching for cAuS* returns all keys that begin with "cAuS". Note that search is case sensitive.
  3. Use the sort functionality to order the keys by project name, locked status, requester name, and other options.
  4. Click a key's project name to view detailed information about the key.

Enable or disable keys

When users request keys, the technical administrator for the account must approve the keys before they can be used. To approve keys as a technical administrator:

  1. Use the Key details > Status filter to narrow the list of keys to ones with a Pending state.
  2. Click the project name of a key to open its detailed view.
  3. Select Enable key.
  4. Click Save.

You can also disable keys from the detail view.

Request new keys

Refer to the Requesting API keys topic to learn how to request new API keys.