The Bazaarvoice Mobile SDKs provide access to most of the core products Bazaarvoice offers. To learn more, go to the Mobile SDK documentation home page.


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This page explains what to do when you need help using Bazaarvoice Mobile SDK for iOS.

How to get help

Please follow these steps to resolve Mobile SDK issues:

  1. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page for a list of common questions and answers.
  2. If you still need help, contact Bazaarvoice Support.

Pull requests and issue tracking

If you would like to contribute specific enhancements to the Mobile SDKs, feel free to fork the repository and and create a pull request. For general enhancements or requests, you can drop a request in the GitHub issue tracker for the repository.

  1. Bazaarvoice iOS Objective-C SDK GitHub repository
  2. Bazaarvoice iOS Swift SDK GitHub repository