With the holidays fast approaching, Bazaarvoice is ready to help your online operations run smoothly during this peak shopping season.


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Platform general

Holiday 2018 preparedness guide

This guide will help ensure your consumer-generated content (CGC) program delivers the information your customers need to make informed holiday purchases.

The guide explains how we have prepared our platform for the holiday season, what steps you can take to ready your Bazaarvoice integrations, and how you can contact us in the event of an emergency.

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API Specific

We've taken the following API specific steps to support increased holiday traffic.

API cache time to live increase

Time to live (TTL) refers to the time during which a resource will be served from a cache. At the end of the TTL duration, the next request will be routed to an application server to get a new result, which will then be cached for the TTL duration. In other words, it will "live" that amount of time.

Caching is essential for fast and reliable service. Caching ensures that content is delivered quickly no matter where in the network a request originates and in the unlikely event of a service degradation caching allows requests to continue to return successfully.

During the holiday period, we will adjust the cache period for our edge network to 55 minutes to optimize the API response times and reliability.

API rate limit increase

We have doubled the standard rate limit to support increased holiday traffic. The following APIs/SDKs are affected.

You can determine your rate limit by looking at the following response headers:


Or by looking up your key at the My Keys page.

Refer to the Rate Limit tutorial to learn more about rate limiting.