The Bazaarvoice Displayable Content Export (DCE) provides an HTTP interface for bulk requesting Bazaarvoice Conversations data intended for public display. To learn more, go to the DCE documentation home page.


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This document lists changes between Displayable Content Export (DCE) versions.

DCE Service

DCE Service refers to the http service used to request DCE data.


Released August, 2017
  • New Domain

    v2 v3

    Refer to the Reference section for more details.

  • Changes to path

    v2 v3
    /v2/dce/data /dce/v3/data

    Refer to the Workflow Walk-Through for more details.

  • Changes to headers

    v2 v3
    x-api-key X-Bazaarvoice-Passkey
    BV-DCE-ACCESS-SIGN X-Bazaarvoice-Signature
    BV-DCE-ACCESS-TIMESTAMP X-Bazaarvoice-Timestamp

    Refer to the Reference section for more details on using headers with the DCE.

  • Changes to Access Signature
    The access signature algorithm remains unchanged. However, the following parameter key has changed to remain consistent with the changes to the corresponding header:

    v2 v3
    x-api-key passkey

    Refer to Creating The Access Signature for more details.