The Curations API lets you build custom experiences with high-quality, relevant social content. To learn more, go to the Curations API documentation home page.


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This page provides a high-level overview of the Bazaarvoice Curations API suitable for all audiences.


Bazaarvoice moderates CGC, tags it with product information, and requests user permissions before returning the content to the client for display. You can use the Curations API instead of our templated solution to display CGC how you see fit.

Curations API use cases

The Curations API can retrieve CGC to display in different ways. Examples of applications using API data include:

  • In-store kiosk displays
  • Product-tagged social content on product or category pages
  • Shoppable galleries that link to product pages
  • Mobile apps

Using the methods defined in the API, you can query for all processed social content in your Curations solution. For example, you can fetch the latest 10 social posts for a given product ID that have been approved and received user rights permission. All the available parameters, filters and sort options are described in the documentation.

Available formats

The Curations API returns data in JSON or JSONP (with the &callback= parameter).

Next steps

Continue to Getting Started to learn how to start using the Curations API.