Self Service API Key Request Process

This document explains the Bazaarvoice API self service key process, including creating a Developer Portal account, requesting API keys, and approving API key requests.


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Key process overview

API keys allow us to provide API usage metrics and allows our clients to control access their data at any time. To use a Bazaarvoice API a developer may request an API key, however they will not be able to use that API key until the request has been approved by our clients. The key process is summarized below:

  1. Developer requests keys through the portal
  2. Client key approver enables or disables keys using the Key Management Dashboard via the Bazaarvoice Client Portal

Creating a Developer Portal Account

Developers must create a Bazaarvoice Developer Portal account to request API keys. By creating an account developers get access to a variety of API related information including:

  • All requested keys and their status (approved, rejected, etc)
  • Information about applications associated with API keys
  • API usage metrics

How to create an account

  1. Click the Register link at the top right of the header bar
  2. Fill out the registration form
    • An account validation email will be sent from Be sure to white list this email address.
  3. The account will be enabled as soon as it is validated

Requesting API keys

🔑 Request an API key

  1. Any registered developer can request keys to access a Bazaarvoice API using the appropriate API key request form
  2. Keys will be created immediately in a pending state, but they will not work until they are enabled by the client
    • Pending keys can be found at by clicking on the My Account link at the top right of the header bar
    • The client's API key approver will receive an email notifying them of the new key request
  3. The client's key approver will either enable or disable the keys
    • An email notification will be sent to the requester informing them of approver's decision

API key management

Bazaarvoice clients can use our Key Management Dashboard (KMD) to view and manage keys that were requested by developers using the API key request form

Access the KMD

  1. Log into the Bazaarvoice Client Portal
    • Contact our Support team if you would like access to the Bazaarvoice Client Portal
  2. Navigate to Settings -> API Key Management
  3. The KMD will appear in a new browser window or tab

Processing Key Requests

  • Keys can be enabled or disabled using the buttons on the right side of the table

Configuring Notifications

  • Approvers can subscribe or unsubscribe to alerts using the "Configure Notifications" link in the top right of the KMD